Melbourne Sunday Markets Stallholder Tips

Melbourne Sunday Markets Top tips for having a profitable stall.

Melbourne Sunday Markets can be a great source of extra income. Have a look at these simple but effective tips for maximising your profits on the day.

Choose your Market. Visit your intended Sunday market to be sure your goods fit in with the clientele. Talk to the market organisers about holding a stall there.
Check the conditions. Be sure that you can comply with the Sunday markets’s terms conditions and procedures.
Choose your date. Lead in to holidays are always good a good time.
Advertise your stall. Tell everyone about your Melbourne Market stall. Post about it on your own or the Market’s Facebook or other social media page. A photo is worth a thousand words. Show one or two of your best items to draw potential customers in.
Tag your goods. Be flexible with your pricing. Expect hagglers. Don’t refuse any reasonable offers.
The float. Collect enough change to start your trading day.
Set up early. Many regular Sunday market goers come early to scoop up the bargains.
Keep your stall attractive looking. Display your best items up front. Don’t hide or clutter them in boxes. Hire a table or cloths rack if required.
Smile. Say hello. Be engaging. A happy stall holder is inviting.
Outsource. Bring a helper to mind the stall, assist with set up and packing, or do coffee and morning tea run.
Persevere. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t sell all that you wanted to, especially if this your first attempt. Use your time at the Sunday market to observe other stallholders and customers.

If you have any more Melbourne Sunday Markets tips that we have not listed here, please feel free to send in your suggestions. We would love to hear from you.


Melbourne Sunday Market Tips