Golden Ticket Hunt Begins

Find the Golden Ticket at Bentleigh Sunday Market-Claim the Prize!

Bentleigh-golden-ticketEach week one of our regular stall holders will be holding a Golden Ticket. All you have to do is figure out which one it is (just ask them if they have it, no ransacking the stalls please). They will award you the Golden Ticket. Then, along with the Free prospector’s License you print from our booking site, present them at the Market office to claim your prize.

Being a trash & treasure market, you never know what you may find, and the same goes for the prize. Each week’s prize will have a minimum value of $25 and may be in the form of a gift voucher from one of our local Bentleigh Traders. If the Golden Ticket is not found one week, the prize will jackpot to the following week. The first Hunt begins June 15th. Registrations are now open.

Clue for this week is “You must be curious”.

Participation in the hunt is FREE, just “Book” your registration here.

 Terms and conditions of the Golden Ticket Hunt.