Feb Stall Sale Updates

All stalls for Feb are now Sold Out.

  • It may be possible to be on Stand By to have a stall on Sunday morning by waiting in the queue in the Cole’s car park across the street from the market.
  • Market Volunteers arrive by 6:30 am; the queue usually starts well before that.
  • Stalls not occupied by 7am are forfeited and re sold to those waiting on first come first served basis.
  • The number of casual stalls available for March to June has been reduced, so weekly sessions will Sell Out quickly.
  • Booking sessions normally open up Sunday mornings for up to 4 weeks in advance.

Epic Booking Fails

The top 3 mistakes people make when booking on line for a Sunday Market Stall:

  1. Turning up for the wrong date. We often get stallholders who mix up their dates and are unable to be placed in a full market. It’s a long ride home at 7am with a car full of unsold goods.
  2. Not printing or taking note of their stall number. Some stallholders waste valuable setup time because they arrive at the market and have no idea whatsoever what stall number they have chosen to book. Setup is very busy and it may be very difficult for our volunteers to work out a stallholder’s allocation.
  3. Not checking the terms and conditions. Stallholders have been told to pack up their prohibited goods, such as food and cut flowers even before the market has opened. Please check all the terms and conditions that you agree to.