Sunday Market Trading Hours

This is a reminder to all stallholders that the trading hours of The Bentleigh Sunday Market is from 7am to 12noon. That means that from 12 noon, stallholders should commence packing up their goods, not waiting around for another sale.

Whilst you are required to leave the area by 1pm, (and we appreciate it when you do) this does not entitle you to continue trading till 12:30 or later.

From 12 noon we need to clear the market area. Pedestrian safety is most important to us at this time. When stallholders continue to display their goods and/or “pack up” in a deliberately slow fashion, this encourages shoppers to hang around. This does not facilitate a safe and orderly pack up of the market.

If this understanding is not satisfactory to any stallholder, we are more than happy to recommend you to alternative markets in the area.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter. Regards, Bentleigh Sunday Market Manager.

Epic Booking Fails

The top 3 mistakes people make when booking on line for a Sunday Market Stall:

  1. Turning up for the wrong date. We often get stallholders who mix up their dates and are unable to be placed in a full market. It’s a long ride home at 7am with a car full of unsold goods.
  2. Not printing or taking note of their stall number. Some stallholders waste valuable setup time because they arrive at the market and have no idea whatsoever what stall number they have chosen to book. Setup is very busy and it may be very difficult for our volunteers to work out a stallholder’s allocation.
  3. Not checking the terms and conditions. Stallholders have been told to pack up their prohibited goods, such as food and cut flowers even before the market has opened. Please check all the terms and conditions that you agree to.


Australia Day weekend Stall Booking Discount

To celebrate Australia Day, Stall bookings for Bentleigh Sunday market will be discounted by 17.88%.

Use promo code 1788carbootws at the booking site. Enter the code and apply just before final check out.

Valid for bookings made from: 19-1-15 to 24-1-15. Value is 17.88% off per stall ($5 discount)

Valid for internet bookings only and for Car boot section and date indicated.

Open 28 December

Yes, we are open December 28th. Also Jan 4th and every Sunday next near.

There are 30 stalls available for Dec 28th. These stalls are not available on line. You can roll up at 6:30 for Dec 28th and more than likely get a stall.

Market Manager’s report for Dec 14th

Beautiful morning, sold out market, but due to a few no shows, and some creative stall arrangements, all were accomodated.

Lots of quality stalls to be seen and brisk trading done by many. Our Charity stall this week, Bentleigh West cook book project took in about $350 in sales for their cause.image

Gate donations today totalled some $1200, which as pledged will go toward Philippines Tyhoon Releif.

A few Stallholders decided to leave before 12 noon closing time. Please note that this is strictly contrary to our procedures T&C’s, and dangerous for pedestrians still in the market area. Stallholders: please be respectful of of the T&C’s and pedestrian safety.

For next Sunday morning, we have 6 stalls available for those waiting in the morning for last minute stall bookings.


January Stall Bookings

Bentleigh Sunday Market Stall Bookings for the rest of January 2015 are now open. Please note that the section along the railway fence will only open for booking once the rest of the market area fills up in each particular week.

50% Holiday Stall Booking Discount

Looking to have a stall at Bentleigh Sunday Market after Christmas and New Year?  For a limited time only, use the following promo code at the booking site, for 50% off!

December 28, 2014 and January 4th, 2015

Promo Code is: boxmasben Valid for bookings made from: 26-11-14 to 14-12-14. Value is $14 off per stall.

Valid for internet bookings only and for Car boot section and date indicated. Enter the code and apply just before final check out.


Xmas Stall Bookings

As a thank you for enquiring about booking a stall at Bentleigh Sunday Market

>>>>>>> use this PROMO CODE for a STALL DISCOUNT 14cambent <<<<<<<

That will make the cost of a Stall (2.5×5.5 meters) only $25!.
Discount applies to main car boot section of the market only.
Valid to December 21, 2014 or while supplies last, no rain checks

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